bonus otacon in a pikachu kigu too…

this is a : ocelot in dumb clothes because i love my dumb cat boy son.

i hate how this looks sighs 

i FINALLY drew somethin for bonrin and im GLAD. 

I’m still wondering about this boss fight even now….

My ot3…..i love….the diamond dogs….its a shame i always butcher them when i try to draw them older….

Most of the cast from Krystal and I’s dumb thing we made long ago. 

My Robins and Morgans from Fire Emblem: Awakening. My children are too precious i love them so much :’) 

(Left: 1st Play Through: Married to Gaius so Morgan looked just like his father. Right 2nd Play Through: Married to Olivia.) 

tadomaki is too good, it has too lil stuff tho